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Most employees don’t have access to good mental health care

Great health insurance doesn’t mean great or even good mental health care. Only half of mental health providers in the U.S. take insurance, so the ones who do are often booked for weeks or aren’t taking new patients.

Poor employee mental health has real costs for employers

When an employee struggles with their mental health, they also struggle with productivity, attendance, engagement and job satisfaction.

Investing in employee mental health offers real returns

Research shows an average 4:1 return on every dollar companies invest in employee mental healthBeyond improving attendance, productivity and engagement, employer investments in employee mental health have a big impact on hiring and retention.

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There’s a growing demand for employee mental health care

By 2020, Millennials and Gen Z will together comprise 70% of the U.S. workforce. These groups experience depression and anxiety at higher rates than prior generations. They’re also much more open to seeking help—and expect their employers to facilitate that process.

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